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Laser Hair Removal

Utilising the latest evolution in Laser Hair Removal technologies – incorporating SMARTDiode and SHR, hair no more is the latest method for the removal of unwanted hair, superfast, safe and pain free!

Beauty Worcester


Our Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions offer a great option to achieve long, full, natural-looking lashes. Imagine looking in the mirror each morning and seeing wide-awake looking eyes with beautiful eyelashes that have length, volume and lift. Well imagine no more!

The ‘Classic Individual’ technique, also known as the 1:1 technique. This is a beautiful way to enhance your eyes in the most realistic and natural way possible. A single lash extension is attached to one of your own individual natural lashes by one of our highly trained and skilled therapists. This is repeated carefully across your lashes until the full set is complete.

Our Lash extensions come in varying lengths and thickness, meaning you can have a set tailored to the look you want to achieve, whether it be big and bold or soft and subtle. Infills are recommended every 1-3 weeks to maintain the full effect.

beauty worcester
beauty worcester

Beauty Worcester



This treatment is perfect for those with naturally fair eyebrows. Eyebrow tinting can help to enhance the natural contours of your face. Tinted eyebrows can last up to 6 weeks and our therapist will chose a shade that is natural to your skin and hair colour.


Our therapist will quickly re-shape your eyebrows to your desired shape. She will also suggest an eyebrow shape to best suit your face and eyes.

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Skin & Waxing

We ensure the most hygienic and efficient waxing treatment available. For more sensitive areas, we use a specialised hot wax system which is much more effective and comfortable than strip wax.

Advantages of hot wax

There are many advantages to hot wax compared with strip wax for sensitive areas. The most particular one is that it is less painful. Other advantages include; removing small patches of strong coarse hair, removing shorter hairs, more suited to those with sensitive skin as it is less disruptive, there is less reddening on the skin following waxing.

Beauty Worcester

Beauty Worcester

Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

Tibby Olivier is an internationally recognised brand in professional beauty and spa treatments. Tibby Olivier supplies over 6000 beauty salons and spas globally.

Shrinking Violet is the revolutionary inch loss solution which has taken the world by storm since launching in 2012.



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“Sabrina is lovely and does a great job! Really pleased with my eybrows…thanks.”

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“My legs are so soft now, nothing was left behind. Great information and aftercare too. 5 stars!”

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“Great service and great surroundings…I got my treatment then my spray tan! What’s not to like about that?”

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“Brow and lash tint. Check. Lip wax. Check. Bikini wax. Check. Friday night sorted!!”

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