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Tan Accelerators

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Tan Accelerators

If you struggle to get a natural tan to your skin whilst sunbathing, a tan accelerator will be perfect for you. Although they feel like super luxurious moisturisers, they do a lot more than simply hydrate the skin.


How does a tan accelerator work?

Tan accelerators help speed up the skin’s tanning process. In order to work they require either natural sunlight or UV lighting from sunbeds. One of our favourite products is Australian Gold Rapid Intensifier.

Unlike fake tan, tan accelerators like Australian Gold Rapid Intensifier contain ingredients that work to stimulate melanin production in your skin bringing out your natural colour when you’re exposed to the sun or UV light. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its colour, and the more melanin your skin produces, the darker your tan will become.

What will a tan accelerator do for my skin?

A Tan accelerator Like Australian Gold Rapid Intensifier will encourage your skin to glow naturally, won’t cause streaks and will last much longer than an instant tan.

When should I use a tan accelerator?

Not only perfect for building up a natural tan before a summer holiday, a tan accelerator can also be applied all over the body before (and even after tanning) to both prepare your skin for the sun and to prolong its affects.

Do tan accelerators include fake tan?

As a general rule, most tan accelerators don’t include fake tan. Instead they focus on developing a real tan by stimulating the production of melanin, as we detailed above.

However, there are products available which offer both tan acceleration and self tanning properties

If you have tattoos, accelerators are available that include a special tattoo protection formulation to help prevent lightening of the inks and pigments.

Don't forget SPF!

Tan accelerator isn’t a replacement for sun cream. If using in the sun, an SPF should still be used as for normal sun protection after 20-30 minutes exposure.

Australian Gold also offer a full range of SPF products together with after sun moisturisers such as “Moisture Lock” that help prolong your tan.

Ask a member of staff for more details about tan accelerators – they’ll be happy to help.

Tan Accelerators
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Get amazing results by using a tan accelerator like Australian Gold Rapid Intensifier - our current favaourite!

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