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Heatwave offers a complete tailored tanning programme based on your aims and your skin type. Our combination of controlled sunbed time and carefully matched products ensures the best possible results in the given time, while always ensuring your health is not compromised.

At your initial consultation you will be scheduled for a series of sunbed sessions and advised on which products are best for you. You will also be fully briefed about the practical and safety aspects of the process when using the best sunbeds in Worcester

Sunbeds In Worcester

The Tanning Process: How tanning works

Ultraviolet (UV) light occurs naturally in sunlight, in two bands called UVA and UVB. UV exposure triggers the production of melanin by cells called melanocytes deep within the skin. The melanin rises to the upper layers, where it oxidises, darkening to form the colouring we know as a tan. This is the skin’s natural protection against overexposure to UV. We use a combined approach to maximise tanning and reduce skin damage to a minimum.

Sunbeds use an optimal combination of UVA and UVB light to stimulate melanin release in the skin; whilst our products both moisturise the skin and encourage the melanin to rise to the upper skin layers.

Tanning and Health

Our staff at Heatwave are trained to identify the optimum tanning programme for each individual’s skin type. Under our guidance, you can confidently and safely get the tan you desire.

As one of the best sunbed salons in Worcester, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in all things tanning. Sunbeds have many benefits that not only include getting a decent tan but other, more interesting applications. For example, did you know that moderate UV exposure has shown benefits for skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczma? The warmth of a sunbed and the resulting tan has also been attributed to feelings of well-being and therefore improved mental health.

To find us, you may do a search for ‘ sunbed shops near me ‘ and hopefully we’ll be top of the list – we do have the best sunbeds in Worcester after all. We may be one of the newer sunbed shops in Worcester but people are already talking about us and making a b-line to visit Heatwave Worcester! Why don’t you join them?

Tanning Reminders

Getting tanned safely is of utmost importance and therefore, maintaining awareness of personal circumstances is key.

Consider if anything has changed in your personal circumstances when undertaking a tanning course:

1. Are you taking any medication that might interfere or interact with UV exposure?

2. Has your medical profile changed i.e. are you suffering from a new medical condition which might prevent you from embarking or continuing with a tanning course?

3. Are you allowing enough time for your skin to recover between sessions? It’s not advised to tan every single day and you will benefit more from suitable rest periods in between of at least 24 hours.

New to tanning beds at Heatwave?

Always make clear that you are a new customer so that a proper on-boarding process can take place – there may be times that a customer with the same name might exist on our systems and so to avoid any confusion, new customers should indicate that they haven’t visited us before. A new profile and account can then be set up and important advice can be provided.


Vitamin D and sunbeds

Sunbeds imitate the sun and emit a controlled amount of UVA which is responsible for skin pigmentation and UVB which is responsible for Vitamin D production. Safe and sensible use of sunbeds and other tanning equipment can be really beneficial in boosting Vitamin D levels.

However, when people go on a sunbed they should follow the recommended exposure times based on their skin type and definitely avoid overexposure.

Use of sunbeds during winter months to boost Vitamin D levels

Many incidents of Vitamin D deficiency have been reported during winter months, and especially in countries in central and northern Europe, because exposure to sunlight is limited in winter and people are not getting the Vitamin D they need to stay healthy. Even exposure during the previous months cannot guarantee optimal level of Vitamin D. This period covers the months between October and March.  During that period sunbeds could be an alternative option.

See more at The Sunbed Association


Hormonal benefits of UV exposure

  • Regulates serotonin production, protecting against some forms of depression such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Stimulates the production of ‘feel-good’ hormones which reduce stress and promote feelings of well-being and sound sleep
  • Raises sex drive through increased production of sex hormones in both sexes



Other benefits of UV exposure

  • Provides relief from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema by reducing cell division – this is known medicinally as phototherapy
  • Reduces severity of acne in some cases
  • Can, in low doses, strengthen immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells, and also reduce cholesterol levels.
  • So if you are looking to enjoy some of the benefits that sunbeds can offer then head straight for Heatwave Worcester because it’s no secret. We have the best sunbeds in Worcester.



Sunbeds in Worcester

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Sunbeds In Worcester

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9 mins £5.50
12 mins £6.50
15 mins £7.50

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5 x 6 mins £12.00
5 x 9 mins £15.00
5 x 12 mins £18.00

Heatsavers Courses

70 mins £27.00
90 mins £35.00
120 mins £45.00
180 mins £60.00

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6 mins £30.00
9 mins £40.00
12 mins £50.00


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Best sunbed shop in Worcester

Best Sunbed shop in Worcester. Amazing beds with fast results. Staff are so lovely and welcoming. Couldn’t recommend more!

Jemma Warrington

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Amazing sunbeds

Amazing lie down and stand up beds, only needed to go on for half the time I normally do and tanned more than ever. The staff are absolutely lovely, so friendly and full of knowledge and advice should you need it. Spotlessly clean and easy to park outside. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Emma Everard

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Best sunbeds in Worcester

“After searching for “sunbeds near me” I found the best sunbed shop in Worcester – best beds and amazing results

Lauren Luebke

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Loving going to Heatwave

Never really used sunbeds often but I’m loving going to heatwave! The beds are so good and I have a great tan

Holly-Mae Main

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Luxurious Experience at Heatwave

Best tanning shop in Worcester!! AMAZING result, fantastic, lovely & welcoming staff!! Highly recommend.

Millie Morgan

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