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Tanning Tablets by Banana Beach

Give Your Skin a Natural Glow

Banana Beach Tanning Tablets boosts the skins efficiency at developing a gorgeous, dark, natural tan. Simply take 2 tablets daily with food, in conjunction a little sun exposure/moderate sunbed use. A special combination of Paba, Copper and L-Tyrosine aids in developing a healthy looking tan for all skin types.

We use these tanning tablets ourselves and can vouch for their effectiveness – we certainly feel that our tans come on more quickly and with less sun/UV exposure. They are easy to take and easily tolerated – they are not going to give you an upset tummy. Give them a try and see if they work for you!

  • Fast, effective results
  • Gorgeous, natural, dark tan
  • Can be used with or without a sunbed
  • All natural herbal ingredients
Do I have to use a sunbed with Banana Beach Tablets?

Banana Beach Tanning Tablets can be used with or without sunbed, although they work quicker when used in conjunction with sunbed and natural sun.

How do Banana Beach Tanning Tablets work?

They work by boosting the skin’s efficiency for developing a dark tan. A special combination of Paba, Copper & L-Tyrosine aids in developing a natural looking tan. They help the skin tan by assisting in the production of melanin. By taking 1-2 tablets a day (1 tablet a day is enough for most people) will help to increase your body’s own melanin production which is greatly enhanced when exposed to UV light.

Banana Beach Tanning Tablets

Banana Beach Tanning Tablets are our No1 best seller for a natural boost to your tan!

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